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The Isle of Enchantment…
The Pearl of the Caribbean
No island is quite like Puerto Rico…

El Morro | Destination Puerto Rico

  • Puerto Rico is known around the world for its hospitality; where everybody - from the taxi driver to the governor - wants to make you feel at home.

  • A vibrant, modern, multicultural society that offers great diversity.  Guests can experience thousands of years of history infused with Spanish, African, Indian and American culture, combined with the modern conveniences of today’s world

  • Puerto Rico is a U.S. Commonwealth that uses U.S. currency, mail and phones.  No passports or visas are required for U.S. citizens.

  • Puerto Rico offers you a wide scope of adventures, new experiences, and variety

  • In the busy capital, San Juan, you'll find sightseeing attractions, luxury hotels, superb restaurants, exciting nightlife, and dazzling casinos. Out in the countryside, the mood is quite different- Spanish colonial towns, mountainous roads, quiet seaside restaurants and golden beaches await you.

  • It encompasses distinctly different kinds of topography and microclimates in a relatively small area- from lush tropical forests, karst hills, to mangroves, dry forest and bioluminescent bays...

  • There are grand beaches for sunning; and clear waters for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports. Along the island's 272 miles of coastline you'll find beaches dotted with swaying palm trees and private sandy coves. Puerto Rico offers an abundance of coral reefs, caves, sea walls, and trenches for scuba divers to explore.

  • Away from the water there is plenty of activity too: ATVs, Golf, Tennis, Horseback riding, Hiking, Bicycling, and Shopping is available in San Juan and around the island.

Catamaran | Destination Puerto Rico

Language: Spanish and English are the official languages. While Spanish is the dominant language, the majority of the local residents speak English. Although a little Spanish is helpful and it's fun to practice and learn while you are visiting, it is certainly NOT necessary to enjoy your trip.

Climate and Time: An agreeable climate is one of Puerto Rico's most attractive characteristics. Puerto Rico has a tropical marine climate, with an average annual temperature of 80°F (26°C). and enjoys year-round summer temperatures. Uses Atlantic Standard (AST), which is one hour later than Eastern Standard Time (EST).  The island does not observe Daylight Savings Time.

Communications and Internet: Phone cards or calling cards and IDD service are readily available. Long-distance services from AT&T, MCI, and Sprint make calling home relatively convenient and let you avoid hotel surcharges.  All the major cell phone companies are here.  Many of the hotels have wi-fi service available either for a fee or as an included amenity.

Your Money: American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover and Traveler’s Checks are accepted at featured hotels and most restaurants and shops. ATMs accepting U.S. bank and charge-cards are available in every city and most hotels,

Taxes, Fees & Tips: There is no airport tax levied on arrival or departure. A 7% Sales Tax applies to all consumer purchases but not to most B2B transactions. There are no hidden service fees. The accepted meal gratuity is 15 – 20%. Hotels will often levy a “Resort Fee” on accommodation pricing in addition to the applicable Puerto Rico Hotel Tax of 9 to 11%.

Getting There: Puerto Rico is one of the easiest places to get to. San Juan serves as the main "hub" in the Caribbean! Part of the United States TSA security system, it’s an outstanding airport with tight security.  Puerto Rico airports handle domestic, US and international flights to and from the Island on a daily basis.  Many flights are direct from the Midwest and eastern United States (3-5 hours flight time). All major highway systems circling the island are in good condition.

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